Breaking Human Bias Barriers: Transforming Recruitment with AI


Human biases have a substantial impact on the recruitment process’ performance in the cutthroat talent acquisition market. Unconscious biases impede diversity and inclusion initiatives and restrict the organisation’s capacity to find the finest people. Examples of unconscious biases include favouring candidates based on personal preferences or forming assumptions about their talents. This case study examines how eliminating these biases through the use of YVI an AI recruitment software has improved the fairness, objectivity, and inclusivity of the hiring process of a leading tech company.

The Challenge:

The company started noticing patterns that suggested personal biases might have influenced the hiring decisions. However, over time, it became evident that this approach was leading to a drop in the quality of the workforce. One of the primary challenges the company was facing with the traditional hiring practice was the reliance on subjective judgments made by recruiters and hiring managers. These individuals shaped the composition of the workforce based on their personal preferences, experiences, and biases. This led to a lack of objectivity and fairness in candidate evaluations, resulting in the selection of candidates who may not have been the best fit for the organisation.

The Solution:

A prestigious global corporation, chose to integrate YVI, an AI recruitment tool into their hiring process to lessen the effects of human prejudices. To analyse applicant profiles objectively, the software used cutting-edge algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing. It eliminated subjective biases based on personal qualities and put the emphasis on credentials, abilities, skills and experience. YVI is focused on providing services like resume screening and providing scores to candidates.The software follows predefined criteria and weighs different attributes to generate objective scores for each candidate and ranks them accordingly.


YVI the  AI recruitment software reduced biases in the hiring process. It used advanced algorithms to screen resumes objectively, focusing on qualifications and skills. During video interviews, YVI analysed candidates’ behaviour, communication style, and traits using Big Five Ocean technology. It assessed factors like confidence, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. The software generated a comprehensive report that helped hiring managers make informed decisions based on objective evaluations. YVI promoted fairness and consistency by eliminating subjective biases, enabling hiring managers to make well-informed decisions based on standardised assessments. By removing personal impressions or gut feelings that can introduce biases during the interview process, YVI ensured a more objective evaluation and selection of candidates.


The issue of how human biases affect the efficiency of talent acquisition was successfully addressed by integrating YVI, an AI recruitment tool, into the recruitment process. The recruitment process was altered by the software’s unbiased assessment, bias reduction, greater diversity and inclusion, efficiency, and accuracy. By utilising AI technology, the company developed a selection procedure that was more impartial, inclusive, and focused on qualifications and merits rather than personal preferences. The case study demonstrates how AI recruitment software has the ability to transform conventional hiring procedures and promote a more competent and diverse workforce.


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