Smart Resume

YVI’s smart resume parsing dramatically cuts down on the effort and time spent on manual screening. The cutting-edge system swiftly extracts crucial details for review within seconds. Automated parsing helps to avoid any data entry errors to forge an accurate candidate database.

  • Cut down on the time and effort spent on manual screening of resumes
  • Manage candidate details
  • Reducing the chances of errors that can occur during manual data entry.

Pre-screening using AI chatbot

YVI uses AI chatbot to pre-screen candidates. Chatbot asks candidates about their qualifications, experience, and other relevant criteria. Assesses responses and filters out candidates who don't meet minimum requirements.

  • Candidates can engage with the chatbot at their convenience
  • Provide instant feedback to candidates enhancing the overall recruitment experience.
  • Handle a large volume of candidates simultaneously, making it easier to scale your recruitment efforts.

Flexible Interview Scheduling & Omni Channel Communication

Candidates have the freedom to attend interviews within a designated time slot, allowing them to participate in half of the interview on one day and complete the remaining portion on subsequent days, as long as it fits within the allocated time frame. The omni channel communication ensures all the information is reached to the candidates within time.

  • With a clear view of scheduled interactions, interviewers prevent conflicts and allocate time efficiently.
  • Time and cost saved on manual follow ups
  • Ensure consistent and accessible engagement throughout the interview process.

Ai Based Question Bank

YVI presents two compelling options for interview question readiness. The organization can opt to manually upload question banks, allowing for personalized and customized interviews. Alternatively, they can harness the advanced capabilities of AI to generate job-specific questions automatically, ensuring streamlined and precise interview processes.

  • Create and manage an organized list of questions with a Question Bank feature.
  • Add, edit, and delete categories and subcategories effortlessly.
  • Customize the list of questions to suit individual preferences

AI Based Interviews & Auto-Evaluation

YVI’s interview platform ensures a one-way synchronous method. Candidates can attend the interview at any time within the allotted slot, while interviewers review at their own pace. Enhanced insights into candidate performance add depth to the process. YVI redefines interviews for flexibility and efficiency.

  • Candidates enjoy the benefit of flexible timing as they choose their optimal interview slot, fostering convenience and inclusivity..
  • Interviewers review responses at their own pace, optimizing their evaluation process and increasing time efficiency.
  • Gain enhanced candidate insights through comprehensive performance analytics and auto evaluation.

Automated AI Candidate Scoring & Leaderboard

YVI employs a sophisticated algorithm to assess resumes against the job description, assigning numerical scores that reflect the degree of alignment. Furthermore, YVI's scoring process takes into account both the explicit qualifications and the subtler nuances of candidates' profiles, providing a comprehensive evaluation that goes beyond surface-level matching.

  • Reduced workload for the interviewers
  • Automated scoring treats all responses equally, ensuring fairness in the evaluation process.
  • Provides immediate feedback to learners

Intelligent Proctoring

YVI's video proctoring ensures there is no cheating or malpractice while attending the tests or interviews. it tracks eye movements, it detects if there is anyone else on the screen. ensuring the integrity of the tests.

  • Prevents cheating and malpractice
  • Guarantees a high level of integrity of tests
  • Reduces the need for manual oversight

Post Hire Retention To Reduce No-Shows

YVI's ability to augment post-hire retention and decrease candidate no-shows is primarily attributed to the platform's emphasis on providing an enhanced user experience, ensuring a seamless and engaging interaction for both candidates and the hiring team.

  • Clear and regular candidate communication for seamless recruitment.
  • Big 5 assessment for precise alignment with company values.
  • Positive candidate experiences and lasting relationships through engagement.
Employees who go through a structured onboarding program
are 69% more likely to stay for three or more years.

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