YVI - AI-Powered Video Interview

Optimize your recruitment procedures with YVI, an advanced AI recruitment software and management system designed to streamline and simplify the hiring process.

YVI - AI Recruitment Software


Smart Resume Parsing
Pre-screening using AI chatbot
Ai Based Question Bank
Flexible Interview Scheduling Omni Channel Communication
Automated AI Candidate Scoring & Leaderboard
AI Based Interviews & Auto-Evaluation

YVI: AI Recruitment Software

Anytime & Anywhere Interviewing

Amidst the dynamic challenges of physically conducting candidate interviews at specific locations, NDZ’s YVI presents a solution to effortlessly streamline your recruitment process. With the capability to schedule and conduct interviews with candidates anytime and anywhere, our platform ensures a seamless and convenient interviewing experience.

Increased Efficiency

Experience enhanced efficiency with YVI, your comprehensive recruitment partner that manages all aspects of the recruitment process, from resume shortlisting to performance ranking of interviewees, without requiring human intervention. By eliminating the need for HR personnel and significantly reducing both time and cost, YVI ensures streamlined operations regardless of the recruitment volume, ultimately minimizing the time and effort invested in the process.

Unbiased Recruitment

YVI’s interview bot revolutionizes candidate selection by removing human biases. Through the interview process, candidates’ skills and traits are assessed and ranked objectively, resulting in a list of top candidates based purely on merit. This unbiased approach ensures that gender, race, or geography are not factors in the evaluation, promoting both quality and diversity in the working environment.

Increased Goodwill

By prioritizing effective hiring and employee engagement, a company can witness a significant boost in productivity and a rise in its overall brand value. This transforms the company into an attractive destination for job seekers, establishing it as an industry leader. Embrace this transformative shift and be at the forefront of change in your industry.


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YVI utilizes AI to revolutionize interview management, streamlining recruitment for employers and job seekers. Our system integrates seamlessly with applicant tracking systems, candidate tracking systems, and HRMS management, reducing hiring time. Recognizing the importance of a secure interview process, YVI ensures safety without additional setup, making it the market’s premier choice for online interviews.

Experience the future of hiring with YVI, where AI and integrated systems redefine the recruitment landscape.

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