case study on yvi's interview scheduling solutions


Due to the manual scheduling of interviews, an IT firm, a quickly developing multinational organisation, needed help in its recruiting process. Coordinating interview dates and times with applicants and interviewers in different time zones was getting more complicated and time-consuming. The HR department recognized the need for a cost-effective solution to improve the scheduling process and provide a consistent experience for both candidates and interviewees. To handle this difficulty, the firm adopted YVI, a cutting-edge recruiting program to automate and optimise interview scheduling.

The Challenge:

Before introducing YVI, the IT firm’s HR department had various issues with interview scheduling. The manual procedure required candidates and interviewers to exchange many emails and phone conversations, which caused delays in finalising interview dates. This inefficiency led to missed opportunities to hire top personnel and increased time-to-hire metrics. Furthermore, the HR staff struggled to manage interviews across many time zones, which frequently resulted in schedule difficulties and hassles for both candidates and interviewers. These obstacles hampered the recruiting team’s capacity to conduct timely and well-organised interviews, severely influencing the applicant experience.

The Solution:

To address the scheduling issues, the firm implemented YVI, a sophisticated recruiting program recognized for its extensive interview scheduling features. Candidates were given personalised interview slots based on availability and location, allowing them to choose the best times for their schedules.  YVI acquired pertinent data and synchronised it in real-time with the company’s current HR systems and ATS to deliver correct scheduling ideas. Candidates were given personalised interview slots based on availability and location, allowing them to choose the best times for their schedules. The availability of interviewers’ calendars was automatically verified, and YVI recommended the best  periods to satisfy their preferences. YVI also considered time zone variations, decreasing the possibility of scheduling problems.


The installation of YVI produced outstanding outcomes for the company. The HR staff saved substantial time on interview scheduling, giving them more time to focus on other key recruitment operations. Scheduling automation resulted in a smoother and more efficient process, resulting in a shorter time-to-hire and a better applicant experience. YVI increased interview coordination by considering applicants’ and interviewers’ preferences, resulting in a greater interview show-up rate and lower candidate drop-offs. The capacity of YVI to organise interviews across many time zones allowed all participants to engage in the interview process without time constraints.


The company’s difficulties were successfully handled by the adoption of YVI, which is particularly suited for interview scheduling. YVI improved the scheduling process, decreasing scheduling conflicts and removing manual tasks. As a consequence, The firm improved its whole recruiting process, ensuring a smooth and favorable experience for both candidates and interviewers. Improved interview schedule efficiency resulted in speedier recruiting choices and higher applicant engagement, eventually helping the company’s growth and talent acquisition efforts in a competitive employment market.

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