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Finding the proper talent in today’s competitive employment market might be like locating a needle in a haystack. Isn’t it? Traditional recruitment methods often take too long and may only sometimes spot the best candidates. A leading IT company faced this challenge head-on and turned to YVI, an AI-powered recruitment platform, to simplify its hiring process.


Before implementing YVI, the HR department of the IT company faced challenges in scheduling interviews. The manual process involved numerous email exchanges and phone discussions between candidates and interviewers, leading to delays in confirming interview dates.

They encountered a series of challenges, including:

  • The laborious process of manual candidate screening and scheduling
  • Subjective judgments contribute to biased decisions, 
  • The inconvenience and expenses associated with in-person interviews
  • The inability to offer a noteworthy recruitment experience.



Implementing YVI yielded remarkable results for the company. The HR team saved significant time in scheduling interviews, enabling them to allocate more time to other essential recruitment tasks.

The solution offered addresses the challenges effectively through several benefits. It automates and speeds up the recruitment process, making it more efficient. Data-driven decision-making is promoted, saving time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual tasks. Subjective biases are minimized, leading to fairer candidate evaluations. The technology even analyzes facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice, providing deeper insights.


Additionally, it eliminates the requirement for expensive and time-consuming in-person interviews while ensuring a seamless and streamlined recruitment process overall. Also, YVI’s AI video interview system offers a complete solution, including evaluating candidates with a detailed report. We use the Big Five OCEAN personality assessment (Openness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Agreeableness, and Extroversion) to see if candidates fit our company’s way of doing things.



The implementation of YVI led to impressive results for the company. The HR team managed to save considerable time in arranging interviews, freeing up more time for them to concentrate on other vital recruitment tasks. Automating the scheduling process resulted in a more streamlined and effective workflow, contributing to a quicker hiring process and improved candidate experience. YVI enhanced interview coordination by considering the preferences of both candidates and interviewers, leading to higher interview attendance rates and fewer candidates withdrawing. YVI’s ability to coordinate interviews across different time zones enabled all participants to participate without being limited by time constraints.



Companies have struggled to hire new employees due to complex processes, leading to missed chances, overwhelmed HR departments, and slow decision-making. This case study shows how an IT company transformed its way of finding and choosing employees using YVI. They fixed problems like time-consuming reviews, unfair judgments, and lengthy interviews, yielding great results. YVI improved how they hire, getting better candidates faster. By using automated scheduling, detailed evaluations, and advanced AI tools, the IT company solved challenges and now has a brighter, fairer, and quicker hiring method. This shows that YVI’s technology can reshape hiring as work changes, benefiting companies and potential employees.

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